What is a Free File Storage?

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SoftArchive gives you an opportunity to download the content you are interested in from the free of charge hosting services like RapidGator, Uploaded and many others.

Free File Storage gives people an opportunity to store their files and share them in a free way with other users. But like most things in the world file hosting are not completely “free of charge”. For example, most file hosting and sharing service set a limit to the download speed (on average ~50Kb/s) for users who chose to push the button “Free Download” ( it is the most frequent title for free downloading, there are possible other titles).

After that, all you need to do is to wait for an online resource to prepare a downloading link for you. It will take up ~40-60 seconds – that is also a limit for non-premium users.

Free file storage and sharing sites also set limits for users who want to download free, so while you are expecting for a link prepare to see advertising – banners, text links, etc. To get rid of all mentioned limits you need to buy a premium account with unlimited download speed, without waiting and advertising.

At SoftArchive you can check the statistical data of using free file storage services on this page and in such way find out what file hosting services are the most preferable among this website’s users.

If you decided to buy a premium account of any offered File Hosting services, please, support any of the uploaders you liked while visiting SoftArchive’s website. For this, purpose, buy a premium account by following the link from an uploader’s blog for downloading any file from the chosen File Hosting service. In such simple way you’ll thank the uploader for his efforts and shared content.

Let’s sum on the options offered to SoftArchive’s users

1) You can download files for free with a slow speed limit.

2) You can buy a premium account from a Free File Storage service.

3) You can choose the option “all-in-one” because there are many similar services and that allow to download different files from various Free File Storage Services if you have such a universal account. But in most cases they “behave” unstable on the frequent basis.