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  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    Adobe Substance 3D Modeler v1.12.0.45 (x64) Multilingual

    File size: 1.36 GB

    Modeler is a 3D modeling and sculpting application that helps you create across both desktop and VR.Modeler aims to make working in 3D as intuitive as working with clay in real life. To help achieve this, with Modeler you don't have to worry about tweaking vertexes or managing UVs, instead you can focus on the creative process.

  • b/islamayman byislamayman2010

    Desktop Calendar Multilingual

    File Size : 5.1 Mb

    DesktopCal is a very useful piece of software that helps change your normal desktop into a calendar, so that time management can be done with more ease.The interface of the application is pretty straightforward, thus allowing any type of person to easily work with it. Moreover, the interface is highly customizable, enabling users to change the background colors, level of transparency, font of all the text, and gaps between the cells.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    Native Instruments Traktor Pro v4.0.0

    589 MB

    Traktor is the go-to software for hundreds of thousands of DJs, at every level. Mix beyond the standard with freedom, flexibility, and powerful creative performance tools.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    Native Instruments Maschine v2.18.3

    635 MB

    The new version is completely redesigned, Drum Synths, mixer, etc. NEW audio engine sound engine MASCHINE 2 now allows you to add unlimited groups and inserts effects MASCHINE powerful set of features. Multicore support ensures that your computer will handle all this in parallel with the processing of ultra high - even when using the software as a VST or AU plug-in module. New audio engine now also supports side bindings for sidechaining, for classic ducking effects and more ..

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    Adobe Substance 3D Sampler v4.5.0.4785

    1.21 GB

    Substance 3D Sampler allows you to create and iterate on material collections by tweaking and mixing existing materials, or by extracting new materials from scans (single or multiple images).

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    HoRNet VUMeter MK4 v4.2.5 WiN

    MOCHA | VST3/AAX | 1.5 MB

    The HoRNet VU Meter MK4 is a digital VU meter plugin with automatic gain setting and grouping functions, the new GUI is now scalable and has been optimised to take less space than the previous version and let you focus on the meter bars. In addition to the GUI VU Meter MK4 also allows you to give names to your tracks and groups, send every parameter change to any instance of VU Meter MK4 (not just the ones in the same group) and display the level of any of the other instances in the project without closing the GUI and choosing a new track.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    HoRNet TrackUtility MK2 v2.1.1 WiN

    MOCHA | VST3/AAX | 736 KB

    Many useful tools packed in handy GUI
    TrackUtility MK2 is a swiss army knife for audio, it features different useful processors that you would otherwise need to find loading many plugins in a handy and logic GUI that you can keep on your screen together with other plugins.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    HoRNet Total EQ v1.3.3 WiN

    MOCHA | VST3/AAX | 1.8 MB

    Versatile visual equalizer for every task
    HoRNet TOTAL EQ is a precise and versatile equalizer with a handy spectrum analyzer. The peculiar feature of TOTAL EQ is that every parameter of each equalizer band can be controlled from the control point on the frequency chart, this simply means that you will never have to look around to find the controls for the band you are editing, but everything will be there right at your mouse pointer reach.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    HoRNet ThirtyOne MK2 v2.1.0 WiN

    MOCHA | VST3/AAX | 1.5 MB

    Spectrum analyzer and 31 band equalizer with Auto EQ
    ThirtyOne MK2 is a plugin that includes a spectrum analyzer and a graphic equalizer, both have the standard 31 one third octave bands.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    HoRNet TheNormalizer v1.3.3 WiN

    MOCHA | VST3/AAX | 2.0 MB

    TheNormalizer is a gain plugin designed to help you get proper gain staging and set each track of your mix and each bus to the level you want automatically.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    HoRNet Tape MK2 v2.1.2 WiN

    MOCHA | VST3/AAX | 2.0 MB

    The new HoRNet Tape MK2, a cutting-edge software emulation of the classic tape saturation effect that left an indelible mark on music production from the 1960s through the 1990s. This remarkable update takes the tape saturation experience to new heights, with a host of enhancements that faithfully replicate the physical characteristics of authentic magnetic tape, resulting in a more genuine and versatile audio effect.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    HoRNet Tape v1.2.1 WiN

    MOCHA | VST3/AAX | 10.4 MB

    HoRNet Tape is a simulation of the effect that magnetic tape apply to the signal recorded on it. Tape was the recording medium of choice before digital took its place in the early 90s and has s distinct effect that helped to define the sound of the music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. What Tape does is to apply the distinct saturation of tape to your tracks and also adds the specific frequency response of four different popular tape machines, each at two different speed, 15 or 30 inch per second.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    HoRNet Sybilla v1.4.0 WiN

    MOCHA | VST3/AAX | 1.2 MB

    Say goodbye to sibilant sounds…
    Sybilla is an intelligent de-esser designed with one purpose: reduce those sibilant in almost no time.

  • b/islamayman byislamayman2010

    TechSmith Capture (x64)

    File Size : 14.6 Mb

    TechSmith Capture is the rebrand product that replaces Jing, which was retired due to Adobe’s support to pullback Flash back in 2020. The new application provides a modern-looking and cost-free screen recorder and capture software tool that aims to meet the new post-Flash security standards. Mandatory account sign in required.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    ToneLib GFX v4.8.1

    Team R2R | 15 Jul 2024 | WiN: 32.5MB

    TL GFX is a comprehensive guitar VST plugin/Standalone app that combines a vast collection of high-end guitar gear with a complete guitar studio, ideal for day-to-day practice routine, jam sessions and live performances.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    Accentize Chameleon v2.1.1

    Team R2R | 2024.07.14 | 12.7 MB

    Imitate any reverb with Chameleon

  • b/islamayman byislamayman2010

    PC Timer 17.9

    File Size : 3.2 Mb

    PC Timer is our simple tool to automatically shut down, sign out, restart or lock your PC based on your scheduled time.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    Soundtheory Kraftur v1.0.3

    Team R2R | 2024.07.02 | 9 MB

    Kraftur has been carefully engineered to enrich your mix, allowing you to increase power while preserving the original integrity of its dynamics. Using new, proprietary DSP methods, Kraftur relies on innovative algorithms to avoid artifacts that come with more traditional approaches to soft clipping. Kraftur can also add clarity, punch or pleasant warmth to almost any audio material.

  • b/audioscene byxefeg

    HY-Plugins HY-RPE2 v1.2.8

    BUBBiX | 13 July 2024 | 15 MB

    This is an 8 track midi sequencer plugin.
    It has two different sequencer engines, Grid and Euclidean.

  • b/islamayman byislamayman2010

    IsMyLcdOK 5.66

    File Size : 0.3 Mb

    IsMyLcdOK is a small program but effective solution to easily check for dead/paralysed/stuck pixels on LCD monitors. Many manufacturer's provide the highest industry standard dead pixel policy. IsMyLcdOK does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and can be carried on a small usb-stick or other memory device. Testing for dead pixels is very simple ;)

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