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  • b/tnt-reloaded bytntreloaded

    Boxy SVG 4.33.1 macOS

    File size: 182 MB

    Boxy SVG project goal is to create the best SVG editor for non-technical users as well as for professional designers and developers. SVG is the standard format for storing vector graphics such as icons, banners, charts and illustrations.

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    Agisoft Metashape Professional 2.1.2 Build 18358 (x64) Multilingual

    File size: 188.8 MB

    Agisoft Metashape (formerly PhotoScan) is a stand-alone software product that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and generates 3D spatial data to be used in GIS applications, cultural heritage documentation, and visual effects production as well as for indirect measurements of objects of various scales.

  • b/tnt-reloaded bytntreloaded

    ON1 Photo RAW MAX 2024.5 v18.5.0.15562 macOS

    Languages: Multilingual | File size: 720 MB

    This professional-grade photo organizer, raw processor, layered editor, and effects app, includes everything you need in one photography application. The newest features include AI-powered features AI Match and AI Auto, four filters in Effects (Weather, Sun Flare, Color Balance, Channel Mixer), improved decoding of raw files (especially for Fujifilm), custom camera profiles with X-Rite, SmugMug integration, improved noise reduction, a map view, a Print Module, speed/performance enhancements, and much more!

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    Red Cad App 3.23.0 Multilingual

    File size: 234.1 MB

    The simple CAD solution for small trade businesses. Strong tradespeople - well planned. Professional CAD design for everyone.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Logo Maker and 3D Logo Creator v1.59

    Requirements: Android 6.0+ | File size: 146,85 MB

    Professional Logo Maker and create logo helps you to create your logo in 5 minutes. Our ready-made 500+ original logo templates help you to make the best logo design. You have many options to show design creativity with a huge collection of graphic designing elements such as typography, shapes, badges, emblems, abstract logo images, icons, and symbols. Cartoon Logo maker, logo designer for business names, company brands, youtube channel logos, social media logos, and online profiles photo logo generator.

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    X-Ability Winmostar 11.8.3

    File size: 38.4 MB

    Winmostar is an integrated GUI software designed for simulation programs such as GAMESS, MOPAC, LAMMPS, Gromacs, and Quantum ESPRESSO.

  • b/tnt-reloaded bytntreloaded

    iBarcoder 3.15.4 macOS

    Language: Multilingual | File size: 16 MB

    The Cristallight iBarcoder is professional mac barcode generator for creating any number of individual, or sequential barcodes, printing them as colorful barcode labels in your own style, of any size, or shape, or exporting them as graphic image files in common vector and raster image formats.

  • b/samura1- bySamuRa1

    Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 v20.0.90.0

    Languages: Multilingual
    File Size: 3.84 GB

    For all your CD and DVD burning needs. Peace of mind comes from knowing where your irreplaceable data resides. Why not use the industry’s leading toolkit to burn and copy CDs and DVDs in a few easy clicks? Just drag and drop invaluable music, photos, and video files from your desktop to disc. If your computer can read it, this software can can burn it!

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    NCH Spin 3D Plus 7.06

    File size: 5.0 MB

    Spin 3D File Converter is one of the most stable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive 3D mesh converters available.

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    NCH ClickCharts Pro 9.27

    File size: 6.0 MB

    Easily create a visual representation of a process, organization, mind map or other diagram. Flowcharts provide a unique way of organizing and displaying data so that even highly detailed and complex processes are easier to understand. This makes our flow chart software an ideal method to troubleshoot, as well as an effective way to share information.

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    NCH PhotoPad Professional 13.25

    File size: 7.0 MB

    Whether you're a professional photographer or just want to edit your personal photos, PhotoPad offers the powerful tools and features you need to improve your digital images.

  • b/samura1- bySamuRa1

    CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 2024 v15.5.1811.0

    Languages: Multilingual
    File Size: 462.81 MB

    Premium photo editing software for creative professionals. Create your masterpiece today. Capture. Edit. Retouch. Photo Editing, Now With AI. Split and combine color layers and reveal infinite variations around one theme. Enhance or totally replace the sky. Animate, blend, position, relight, and re-align.

  • b/samura1- bySamuRa1

    AI Video FaceSwap 1.1.0

    Languages: Multilingual
    File Size: 3.17 GB

    AI Video FaceSwap brings you fun and enhances your social relationships. This application uses artificial intelligence technology to recognize faces in an video file and automatically exchanges the face of your choice. You can export multiple video formats.

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    ON1 Photo RAW / ON1 Photo RAW MAX 2024.5 (x64) Multilingual

    File size: 498/504 MB

    ON1 Photo RAW 2024 is powerful photo editing software that provides photographers with many tools and features to enhance and retouch their images. With a user-friendly interface, it offers advanced editing capabilities, including non-destructive editing, AI-powered adjustments, and precise control over color and tone. It also supports raw files from over 800 cameras and works with JPEG, TIF, PSD, PSB, PNG, and DNG files.

  • b/killdozer byKillDozer

    EDGE Diagrammer 7.29.2199

    File size: 7.78 MB

    EDGE Diagrammer is our most versatile diagramming tool. Create a wide variety of technical, presentation, and design diagrams efficiently and with the highest quality results. EDGE Diagrammer is all you need for block diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, family trees, data flow diagrams and more. Free extension packs are available to provide support for many different diagramming methodologies. EDGE Diagrammer is the one-product solution for all your block and flow diagramming needs.

  • b/killdozer byKillDozer

    WizFlow Flowcharter Professional 7.29.2199

    File size: 6.27 MB

    WizFlow Flowcharter is an easy-to-use, feature-rich, flowcharting and diagram drawing tool for Windows. WizFlow lets you define shape "styles" using over a hundred predefined shapes and arrowheads. Save your styles in diagram templates to establish your own diagramming methods. WizFlow comes with complete flowcharting templates to get you started.

  • b/appzshifter byshifter

    Aiarty Image Enhancer 2.1

    File Size: 144.4 MB

    Aiarty Image Enhancer is Photo & image enhancement software powered by AI to generate more image details and the best quality. Denoise + Deblur + More Details + Upscale.

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    ViewCompanion Premium 15.30

    File size: 88.2 MB

    ViewCompanion Premium is the most powerful member of the ViewCompanion family. ViewCompanion Premium can view, print and convert Adobe PDF, PDF/A, Autodesk DWF, PLT, CGM, TIFF, CALS, EDMICS and several other file formats. With ViewCompanion Premium you can convert your files to many different output formats, please check the complete list of supported output formats below.

  • b/tnt-reloaded bytntreloaded

    Dynamic Wallpaper Enginer 18.5 macOS

    File size: 26 MB

    Dynamic Wallpaper Engine allows you to use live wallpapers on your desktop/screensaver. It provides thousands of live wallpapers in the Workshop while taking as little system resources as possible. It's the Wallpaper Engine for Mac.

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    IDimager Photo Supreme 2024.2.0.6490 (x64) Multilingual

    File size: 118.5 MB

    We are pleased to introduce the latest Photo Supreme version, a new generation of our full-featured Asset Management software. This major upgrade includes Face Recognition, Image Attachments, additional management features, and refinements to current functionality. It's faster, smoother, and more robust. The new 2024 version paves the path for more effective image management by using Artificial Intelligence.

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