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  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    SpotiQ Ten - Equalizer Booster vT.4.9.0

    Requirements: Android 10+ | File size: 6,37 MB

    Looking for a powerful 10 band equalizer with advanced professional features? Here’s an amazing sound equalizer and bass booster app for android -SpotiQ Ten Equalizer that improves the sound quality of all your audio devices with the best management technology.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Music Player - MP3 Player v7.0.3

    Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 26,13 MB

    Listen to your favorite music with #1 Music Player App. Audio Beats is The best music player for Android with tons of features and beautiful design. This mp3 player built-in top quality equalizer takes your music listening experience to next level. Beats app lets you easily manage all your offline music at one place, browse through quick search and supports playing in all music format. Its Stylish, Powerful and Fast Music Player, It takes very less memory and provides perfect music experience. Its the most useful eq music player for Android.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Speedtest by Ookla v5.4.2

    Requirements: Android 6.0+ | File size: 148,16 MB

    Use Speedtest® by Ookla® for an easy, one-tap connection internet performance and speed test - accurate anywhere thanks to our massive global server network.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    365Scores: Live Scores & News v13.5.0

    Requirements: Android 7.0+ | File size: 67,74 MB

    Live the Game with 365Scores - The complete sports experience! Follow the best of sports including major soccer competitions: UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish LaLiga; as well as the NBA, NFL, NHL, Wimbledon and MORE! Join over 50 million die-hard sports fans who enjoy Live Scores, News Updates, In-Depth Stats, Upcoming Schedule and League Standings.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    OBDeleven VAG car diagnostics v0.84.0

    Requirements: Android 8.0+ | File size: 45,24 MB

    An easy to use app for understanding and improving your vehicle: diagnose, read, clear and share fault codes, program and monitor car systems, adjust and activate vehicle functions and more. Download the application, plug OBDeleven device into OBDII port and access your car via Android operating system. Smart Bluetooth device operating with cloud-based automotive software provides the functionality of professional diagnostic systems.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Cinexplore: Movie & TV tracker v3.0.0

    Requirements: Android 6.0+ | File size: 13,41 MB

    Cinexplore is a simple and friendly tool that helps you to discover and track movies, TV shows as well as actors that match your tastes. Cinexplore is the tracking app you need to help organize all the movies and the TV shows you like.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Learn Coding/Programming: Mimo v4.46

    Requirements: Android 9.0+ | File size: 73,33 MB

    Code in Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, or SQL, and kickstart your career in Tech in 5 minutes a day! Whether you're an aspiring developer or just starting your coding journey in HTML, JavaScript, or other programming languages, the Mimo coding and programming app is designed to make learning to code accessible, engaging, and effective. Learn to code in popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and more. With the Mimo coding app, you can learn coding, practice and build code, advance your career, or become a developer. The career learning paths help you learn to code with tons of practice and real-world projects. Learn coding and programming in Python, JavaScript, HTML, or SQL at your own pace.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Nova Launcher v8.1.1 Beta

    Requirements: Android 8.0+ | File size: 12,49 MB

    Nova Launcher is a powerful, customizable, and versatile home screen replacement. Nova brings advanced features to enhance your home screens, but still remains a great, user-friendly choice for everyone. Whether you want to completely overhaul your home screens or are looking for a cleaner, faster home launcher, Nova is the answer.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    ZArchiver Donate v1.0.10 build 101026

    Requirements: Android 4.0+ / 6.0 | File size: 17,44 MB

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    BikeComputer Pro v9.0.3

    Requirements: Android 4.4+ | File size: 12,53 MB

    BikeComputer Pro is possibly one of the best apps for cycling.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    YoWindow Weather v2.45.23

    Requirements: Android 6.0+ | File size: 49,59 MB

    YoWindow is a unique new weather app. The magic of YoWindow is a living landscape that reflects your actual weather. For instance, if it's raining - it rains in YoWindow. The sunset and the sunrise in YoWindow happens at exactly the same time as in real life. But the great thing is you can scroll the time forward. Just swipe the screen and you will see how the weather is going to change throughout the day.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    ASICS Runkeeper - Run Tracker v15.5

    Requirements: Android 7.0+ | File size: 81,40 MB

    Everyone. Every run. Join the community that helps people get out the door and stick with running forever! Track exercise, set goals, sweat, and see progress along the way. Whether you’re working your way up to tracking a 5K goal or deep into marathon training, use the GPS app trusted by 50 million users and counting.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    PeakFinder v4.8.17

    Requirements: Android 5.1+ | File size: 69,88 MB

    The mountains are calling! Explore more mountains than any mountaineer! PeakFinder AR makes it possible… and shows the names of all mountains and peaks with a 360° panorama display. This functions completely offline - and worldwide! PeakFinder knows more than 650'000 peaks - from Mount Everest to the little hill around the corner.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Compass Steel 3D v3.7.0

    Requirements: Android 4.4+ | File size: 16,43 MB

    Compass Steel 3D is an ad-free and easy to use marine-style compass app.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    PlayBook: Audiobook Player v4.0.3

    Requirements: Android 8.0+ | File size: 80,40 MB

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log v3.7.9

    Requirements: Android 6.0+ | File size: 17,23 MB

    StrongLifts is the simplest weight lifting tracker to get stronger. Follow our free strength training program, or make your own routine. Just download the app and log your workouts to get results.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Turbo Alarm: Alarm clock v9.2.6

    Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 7,75 MB

    Turbo Alarm is the most complete and advanced alarm clock available. It has anything you need to get out of the bed easier. Perfect for both heavy sleepers and early birds. Elegant material design, simple, reliable, lets you play your own music.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Podcast Republic - Podcast app v24.6.10R

    Requirements: Android 8.0+ | File size: 18,37 MB

    Podcast Republic is a top quality Podcast App on Android with over 4M downloads, 76K+ authentic reviews, 600K+ podcasts and 40M+ episodes worldwide. An app you can trust! Podcast Republic allows you to manage your Podcasts, Radios, Audio books, YouTube channels, SoundCloud channels and RSS news/blog feeds within a single app. Feature completed and highly customizable. Just install it and start enjoying your favorite shows whenever you like wherever you go!

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Calculator Plus with History v7.0.8

    Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 15,54 MB

    I'm Calculator Plus - the perfect calculator for Android. I'm easy to use and beautifully designed to do things better than your phone or handheld calculator ever did.

  • b/7zipper by7Zipper

    Weather Radar RainViewer v5.0

    Requirements: Android 8.0+ | File size: 62,04 MB

    The best free weather radar and rain forecast app. Track rain, snow, or any storm on the live radar map. RainViewer forecasts where the storm will be moving within the next 90 mins, building a future radar animation for 1000+ radars over the world. Add your favorite places and get rain alerts to plan your day ahead.

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